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Do I need to get a written estimate?

A written estimate is binding, where as phone estimates and rate quotations are not. A written estimate provides you a "not to exceed" maximum price. A written estimate also, allows us to determine what size truck will be required, the number of movers needed and any special equipment that may required.

How long will an estimate take?

Estimates usually take about an hour.

When should I call to schedule my move with Metropolitan?

We can handle short notice and next-day moves, but ask you to give us as much notice as you can, especially during the summer months by calling the office closest to you (800) 824-0549 (Benicia) or (916)373-9234 (Sacramento) or (800) 982-5821 (Mountain View).

Can you pack and move me on the same day?

Local moves are generally done all in one day. An exception would be if there is a significant amount of packing, then it would be preferable to pack one day and load and deliver the next day. Long Distance moves are generally loaded all in one day and delivering will depend upon the distance from origin.

Why is driving time doubled on local moves?

Drive time used to be charged from the time the mover left their warehouse and until they returned after the move was completed. This was called Portal to Portal, because the mover had dedicated the manpower and equipment for that one move. The problem was that the customer had no way to confirm the actual time that it took the movers to drive to and from their warehouse. The PUC (Public Utilities Commission), in an effort to allow the customer a way to confirm the time, decided that movers should charge double the drive time from origin to destination. This allows the customer the opportunity to confirm the drive time and still helps the mover cover some of the cost to drive to and from the job.

Can I see my shipment being weighed?

You are more than welcome to actually witness the weighing. That is you can follow the driver to a scale and witness the weighing of the truck with and without your items.

What is valuation?

We offer several levels of liability protection, should anything happen while your shipment is in transit and/or storage. The standard protection option is $.60 per pound per article.

While Full Value Protection (FVP) is not insurance, it does establish the Metropolitan or Atlas Van Lines' liability obligation in the event of lost or damage. That means repayment for the full cost of repairing or replacing any item that's lost or damaged.

FVP is an affordable choice of protection. Whether you choose:

  • No deductible
  • $250.00 deductible or
  • $500.00 deductible

There is a coverage level to suit your needs and to ease your mind.

What are my responsibilities?

Be present during the packing, loading and unloading of your belongings. Take personal responsibility for high-value items such as jewelry, coin collections, etc. Check and sign the inventory of your belongings. Ensure that no prohibited items are packed.

Is it o.k. to leave the dressers loaded?

Yes, you can leave clothing in the dressers. Remove anything that is fragile or breakable and all small items.

Do I have to unload my file cabinets?

Paper and files can remain in file cabinets under most circumstances. Anything fragile or breakable should be removed. If the file cabinet is four high the top two drawers need to be emptied.

Should I pack myself?

It is up to you. However, be aware of the potential problems. For example, valuation coverage will not pay out on goods packed by their owner, unless the exterior of the box is damaged. Previously, damaged boxes will be noted on the Bill of Lading or Inventory.

I live in an apartment with an elevator; will the movers take care of arrangements?

No, it is your responsibility to contact your building supervisor regarding the specific procedures for your building. The arrangements may include, but are not limited to: reserving elevators and obtaining parking permits for the moving van.

Will you unpack my shipment?

Yes we can arrange to have all or a portion of your boxes unpacked.

How do I pay for my shipment?

If your company is reimbursing you for your moving expenses, check with your moving consultant about direct billing options. Metropolitan accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover card and American Express credit cards. Cashiers checks, money orders and cash are also accepted. Personal checks are accepted on moves within California.

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