Excellent Cross-country Household Move to Georgia

In mid-August of 2015, my wife, Shawn, and I moved our Elk Grove, CA household to Brunswick, GA. To facilitate the move, we contracted Metropolitan Van and Storage (Metro Van) in Sacramento. After reviewing many RFQ's to move our household, we were most impressed by the professionalism of the Sacramento Metro Van representative, Paula Flores. Paula was very thorough in her presentations, working hand in hand with us on the moving timelines, and always being accessible and responsive to our multitude of questions. By far, Shawn and I agree that we would not have been prepared to move without Paula coaching us all the way through to the pre-pack process. We hold Paula's excellent attention to customer service and retaining us as very satisfied customers, in the highest regard. Please accept our commendation for Paula as a defining representation of Metro Van's high degree of professionalism. Joe Pierce was the assigned Metro Van driver that would pack, load, transport, and unload our comprehensive household items. My beloved wife, Shawn, has many antique furnishings that she treasured and wanted extra care to be applied during the packing and transport of the household. Joe was the epitome of Metro Van's high degree of professionalism by taking time to attend to all of Shawn's concerns and taking the time to describe how the furnishings would be protected and handled throughout the moving process. Joe was always available for our points of conversation regarding the packing and move. Joe's assembled Metro Van packing and moving crew were a tight knit group that Joe kept focused and productive through his management skills. The entire crew worked as a functional solid unit because of his enthusiasm and drive. In addition, he praised his crew for being attentive to Shawn's concerns and that professional customer service attentiveness reverberated throughout the entire crew. Joe kept his customers and his crew very happy and moving as a team. And, Joe's professionalism did not diminish when our household arrived in Brunswick, GA. He assembled a local crew to unload and store our household furnishings in two storage vaults. Joe exemplified his management prowess, once again, by keeping the unload crew productive, rhythmically functional, and always in an uplifted mood. Joe is quite energetic, both physically and personally. That energy transcended throughout his crew to keep the team's spirit in high frame (even in the wilting Southeastern Georgia heat and humidity). Shawn and I hold Joe's representation of Metro Van's overall degree of professionalism and retention of the highest customer satisfaction, in a vaulted regard of the Metro Van business model and its employees. Because of our very satisfactory experiences with Metropolitan Van and Storage, Paula Flores, and Joe Pierce, Shawn and I will recommend Metro Van to all of our friends and family members!