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Bay Area & Sacramento Medical Record Storage

Medical records are extremely private and sensitive documents that should only ever be held by trained and reputable professionals.

With Metropolitan Van & Storage, you can be sure your medical records are handled only by storage specialists that conform to NAID’s strict background and drug screening policies. Our state-of-the-art, ESFR Bay Area and Sacramento medical records storage facility will protect your confidential files from the elements, fire, and theft.

Securely Off-site Storage and Medical Records Access

Since 1994 our secure medical records storage service has provided both long- and short-term storage solutions for clients during lab relocations, in hospital moving, and patient file archiving. With our secure medical records storage service, we have the ability to store everything from patient files to X-rays and can just as easily retrieve them upon request.

Records Management Storage Facility

All cartons are stored in our 100,000 square foot Bay Area and Sacramento medical records storage facility in Solano County, on specially designed racking systems following strict numeric order. With all activity recorded in our Document Management Software for accurate and fully tracked retrieval, archiving, destruction, or imaging, you can be sure your lab, hospital, or clinic’s documents are fully secured, safe, and accessible.

Radiology Film and Chart Storage

Upholding the highest standards, our secure facility is set up with inventory management systems designed to hold, track and distribute virtually any type of highly confidential information. Archived patient charts, radiology films, electronic medical records and more can be stored and managed at Metropolitan Van & Storage.

Document Imaging Service

Convert your important medical records into a digital format to increase productivity, keep your costs down, and your files backed up with our comprehensive document imaging services. We will store your hard documents well-organized and off-site, while retaining your e-files in secure, internal databases for you to access whenever you require them.

Contact Metropolitan Van & Storage today for more information about our Bay Area and Sacramento medical records storage facility. Fill out our quick quote form or call us to for a free estimate for our secure medical records storage service.

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