East Bay Area Moving and Storage Company

Thanks to a booming demand, moving and storage options in San Francisco's East Bay area have never been more diverse. Gone are the days of one or two companies running a monopoly, now you have a slew of companies to choose from. In such a competitive industry, only top East Bay moving and storage companies like Metropolitan Van & Storage who are truly dedicated to their clients can flourish in the area. To find the company that you can trust you need to carefully check their credentials.

Even amidst all the competition, our East Bay moving and storage company has managed to consistently stand out. At Metropolitan Van, we have been on the vanguard of this industry niche for over 50 years. We command an impressive fleet that effortlessly gets the job done. Our highly trained staff can handle any project, whether it be commercial or residential moves. When you hire us you are guaranteed the help of an expert who is passionate at getting you into your new home.

This steadfast dedication has won us our fair share of awards. Our superior service has gotten us both BBB accredited and Diamond Certified. We have also been awarded AMSA ProMover for our amazing service. If you ask around the East Bay, you are sure to hear great things about Metropolitan Van & Storage.

Here in the East Bay, we celebrate diversity. Our wide variety of moving options reflect this. Our movers will give you a long list of specialized services that are sure to make your next move a breeze. From custom crating to commercial storage solutions we got you covered.

We realize that sometimes you need to leave your residence before you discover your new home. That’s why we provide exclusive access to multiple warehouses surrounding the East Bay. Businesses and residents in Alameda and Contra Costa counties have consecutively picked our Benicia warehouse for its unbeatable service and prime location. We offer a wide variety of storage variations with impressive levels of security. With storage facilities across the Bay Area, we have the perfect place for you to store your possessions.

With so many options it’s easy to be overwhelmed. That’s why you need to treat yourself with a reputable and reliable moving company. All East Bay movers are not created equally, so go with a company who has a reputation that’s already firmly established.

Come experience the service that has made us East Bay’s favorite moving and storage company! We specialize in making your move easier. So next time you need to relocate, move like a pro!