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As a whole, the state of California is a diverse, exciting place to call home – and no city exemplifies that better than San Francisco. As the cultural, commercial, and financial center of the Northern California region, this thriving city has a unique vibe that stands out among major American cities.

At Metropolitan Van, we’ve been providing services in The City by the Bay for over 50 years, and nobody knows the ins and outs of this region better than our San Francisco movers.

While moving to the Bay Area is an exciting opportunity, the distinctive culture of the city can bring its own challenges and rewards. Check out the following tips from our San Francisco moving company to prepare yourself for getting the most out of your move to this popular city: 

  • Enjoy Local Food and an Eco-Friendly Atmosphere
    San Francisco is a food-lover’s paradise, and the city is filled with local farmer’s markets and innovative eateries that have something for every palate. Keep in mind though, that sustainability is a central aspect of the city’s mission, and you won’t find common conveniences, such as bottled water, at the local grocery stores.
  • Brace Yourself for Sticker Shock
    It’s no secret that the price of living in California is high, and San Francisco isn’t an exception to that rule. Overall, this city has the fourth-highest cost of living in the country at more than 50% above the national average. While living in downtown may cost a fortune, there are also easily accessible, safe neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city that are a bit more budget-friendly. 
  • Embrace Your Uniqueness
    There’s no room for inhibitions when living in San Francisco, and the local culture is one of the most diverse and accepting in the country. Expect to see an incredibly wide range of personalities, cultures, and lifestyles in this city, and enjoy the variety of exciting and open-minded events that take place throughout this region during the year.
  • Dress for the Weather
    San Francisco may be in California, but that doesn’t mean that every day is beach weather here! The city is known for its rolling fog and cool temperatures, and you can expect your thermometer to hover around 50-65 degrees on average. While the ocean breeze is refreshing, be sure that you come to the city with warm clothes that you can layer to stave off the chill! 
  • Prepare for Heavy Traffic
    Like many popular West Coast cities, traffic in San Francisco can be a challenge, and many residents choose to walk to local destinations instead of navigating the busy streets. Steep hills, old roads, and various city transportation systems all add to the confusion of getting around the Bay Area, so make sure that you have a plan in place before venturing out on a sightseeing adventure.

There are countless San Francisco moving companies available for your next relocation, but when you want superior service, local expertise, and affordable prices, there’s only one choice for a household move—Metropolitan Van! To find out more about our experienced team of San Francisco movers, just give us a call today. You can also request more information and a free, no-obligation estimate now by submitting our simple online form!