bay area movers moving tips

With the nice weather and kids being out of school, summer is a great time to move! However, the heat and holidays can make it a bit tricky, so you will want to consider some of these tips from residential Bay Area movers to make sure your summer move is smooth sailing.

Plan Ahead for Your Big Move

Since summer is a popular time to move, you will want to plan ahead in order to secure the best Bay Area moving company.

You should also avoid moving around holidays when you and everyone else will be busy. In fact, it’s best if you can start planning and packing in advance so you can avoid the stress of running around in the heat.

Get Moving Early

Speaking of heat, coordinate with your Bay Area mover to ensure that you are doing most of the work early in the morning when it is cooler. You won’t want to be stuck trying to pack or unpack during the hottest part of the day.

Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day

If you can’t avoid the heat, it is important to stay hydrated. When you are doing a lot of heavy lifting and running around, it can be easy to forget to drink water, making you susceptible to headaches and heat strokes. Keep several bottles of water on hand for everyone helping with the move.

Consider the Heat on Household Goods Too

If you aren’t using Bay Area movers to pack your belongings, you will want to keep in mind how heat can affect some of your personal items. CDs, DVDs, vinyl records, instruments, and other items can be warped and damaged by extreme heat, so you will want to pack these items last or store them in a cool area.

While you will find there are several Bay Area moving companies to choose from, Metropolitan Van & Storage has the knowledge and experience to assist you with your summer move. If you are ready to start planning your residential relocation, call us or fill out our online form to request your free estimate!