sacramento commercial storage

Whether you’re managing a designer boutique or representing one of the many high-tech companies headquartered in the Greater Sacramento area, commercial storage services can play a big role in the success and organization of your business.

If you think that Sacramento commercial storage is limited to bare-bones, unsecured warehousing—or if you’ve never even thought of commercial storage at all—it’s time to reconsider! Read on to explore several types of Sacramento commercial storage services and see how they could benefit your bottom line.

Short-Term Commercial Storage

Short-term storage is one of the most common requests for any Sacramento commercial storage warehouse, and it’s usually offered in both enclosed vaults and open racking.

Great for:

  • Getting extra space before or during an office relocation
  • Making room for a temporary hire
  • Storing furniture or décor during building renovations or maintenance
  • Removing clutter from the office during important board meetings, investor presentations, or client consultations

Long-Term Commercial Storage

Another option at virtually every Sacramento commercial storage facility is secure long-term storage. The best storage companies even offer pick-up and delivery as well as packing and crating to make your long-term storage easier.

Great for:

  • Permanently storing records, files, and documents
  • Converting office storage closets into usable workspaces
  • Storing large machinery or equipment that is infrequently used
  • Rotating seasonal inventory in and out of your storefront

Portable Commercial Storage Units

If you want to enjoy the benefits of storage without having to travel to a Sacramento commercial storage warehouse, you could opt for mobile storage units like Containers on Wheels (COWs).

Great for:

  • Storing items that require regular access by your personnel
  • Keeping secure documents restricted to appropriate viewers only
  • Preventing extra inventory from cluttering up your office or storefront
  • Securing corporate property during remodeling or cleaning

Warehousing & Distribution Services

While some Sacramento commercial storage services revolve around physically storing your items, others play an active role in your full supply chain. Choosing a company that offers warehousing and distribution is the ideal way to make the most of your storage experience.

Great for:

  • Completing complex logistics projects with multiple deliverables and timelines
  • Impressing customers with white-glove delivery services
  • Receiving and fulfilling orders via a high-tech inventory management system

Records Management

Another helpful service to bundle with Sacramento commercial storage is records management. These services are specifically designed to help you secure your files and meet any legal requirements in terms of access, security, and destruction.

Great for:

  • Personnel files and other mandatory HR documents
  • Large contracts and legal paperwork
  • Proprietary technology documentation
  • Emergency back-up documents

Whichever of these Sacramento commercial storage services is right for the size, scope, and requirements of your business, Metropolitan Van & Storage offers them all for an affordable price. Contact us today to learn more about the professional commercial storage options we’ve been offering since the 1940s! You can also request your free on-site commercial storage consultation and estimate by sending in our online form now.