bay area records management

Are you a business or company that is overwhelmed with paper documentation? At Metropolitan Van & Storage, we have Bay Area records management solutions for businesses with limited space. Our records storage services help you with much more than off-site storage, we help you become more efficient and organized record keepers. Whether you are a doctor's office, large corporation, or even a photographer looking to preserve film off site, we can assist you.

What are Our Records Management Services?

We provide short or long-term storage of your paper records and documents in our specially outfitted 100,000 square foot ESFR document storage facility. This facility is well-maintained and staffed by highly trained and screened employees. When you use Metropolitan Van for your Bay Area records management needs, we'll bring your document cartons into the facility and store them in strict numeric order on archival racking systems. Everything is given a label and the carton number is entered into our Document Management Software for easy tracking and retrieval.

You can rely on our software system to closely monitor your documents for any length of time. This system even makes it possible to retrieve just a few or even one document carton, which makes patient record retrieval and usage a cinch.

Bay Area Records Storage Facility

Metropolitan Van also provides exceptional features and amenities with our Bay Area records management services, including:

  • 24/7 Video Surveillance
  • Fire & Theft Alarms
  • Final Mile Delivery
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Document Packing Services
  • Special Film/Radiology Storage
  • Document Imaging Services

As you can see, our Bay Area records management services are much more than document storage too. We can help you pack up documents in archival quality document storage cartons, send requested files to area business locations, and even scan your paperwork into a digital format.

When you are overwhelmed with files at your retail or office location it can interfere with work productivity. Allow the team at Metropolitan Van & Storage to free up space and make you more efficient. We're a Bay Area records management company you can trust to handle the entire process of organizing, labeling, and storing documents for the short or long term.

Give us a call or fill out our online form to speak with a representative about a no-obligation price estimate for records management services.