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Corporate relocations are often be a sign of business expansion and industry growth, especially if the purpose of your company relocation is to set up a new branch of operations in a new city. Moving your team to new offices in other cities can require plenty of planning and strategy, however, and can be quite a complicated process that takes time from the daily operations of your business.

In most cases, Human Resources managers or other team members responsible for organizing relocation are usually handling plenty of other projects at the same time. For these individuals, it can be extremely difficult to take time out of daily operations to orchestrate a smooth and organized moving experience for employees. Unfortunately, relocation can be tough on the employees that are moving, and the experience of a smooth and streamlined move can be the key to their overall satisfaction with their new position, and can stimulate productivity once they return to work.

At Metropolitan Van & Storage, we specialize in all types of moving projects, including perfectly organized and executed corporate and employee relocation projects. In this article, we will discuss some of the most helpful tips for streamlining a successful corporate relocation that benefits your employees and your business, brought to you by our team of experienced corporate staff movers at Metropolitan Van & Storage.

Organize a Team of Moving Specialists

Corporate moving requires plenty of time in advance for planning and logistics. Your first step in organizing your employees’ relocation is to appoint a special team to handle the move—whether it’s comprised of in-house representatives or HR managers, or a professional team of employee relocation specialists like our experts at Metropolitan Van & Storage.

If possible, the individuals you choose to be in charge of employee relocation should stay focused on its success without distraction. If they have too many other tasks on their plate, they may be forced to focus on other, more pressing matters, which can have a negative effect on your employee’s moving experience.

Create a Relocation Calendar and Alert Your Employees

Communication with your staff is important at all times, and especially during the planning of a moving project. Let those that you’ve chosen to relocate know what’s happening as early as possible, and make yourself available to answer any and all questions they may have about their move.  It will also help to have created a dedicated moving calendar before revealing your plans to the employees that have been designated for relocation, so that you’ll be prepared to give them answers to important questions they’re certain to have about the moving timeline.

Communicate the information to the rest of your staff as well, by holding meetings and sending e-mails announcing new information and updates. Staff members can help to work on a plan to transfer duties and clients to other employees in the office once the relocating employees have left, if necessary. Aside from communicating with your team, you must also inform your clients, suppliers, utility companies, and other relevant service providers regarding the date of the move, and what everyone can expect once those team members are no longer in the office.

Stay Transparent Regarding Your Relocation Package

Be transparent with the way you plan to handle your employees’ relocations. Reveal the exact benefits you’re planning on providing in writing, including any bonuses, relocation assistance, cost-of-living adjustments, or other monetary incentives. Inform them if you will cover all costs or only a portion of the moving costs, and answer questions the may have about their salaries and the housing market.
If you are just planning a short-term relocation, let your employees know what the company is willing to cover for moving costs after the term is over. In general, try to be as transparent and communicative as possible about the costs related to moving to help your employees feel at ease and confident about relocation.

Offer Assistance to Your Employees

Have your relocation team consult with your employees about housing arrangements to discuss the selling of their home or about making lease changes to apartment or home rental agreements. You may also want to help them understand health insurance specifics, car registration requirements, school enrollment for kids, driver’s license changes, and any other issues that come up during the relocation process.

If finding possible housing options is a part of your relocation package, you can assist them by researching convenient neighborhoods, sending them real estate listings, or seeking out the advice of local real estate agents in the new area.

Hire a Reputable Sacramento Corporate Relocation Company

At Metropolitan Van & Storage, we are ready to serve your company’s needs with personalized relocation services and fast, efficient office moving assistance. From the moment you reach out to us about your move, we’ll be there for you throughout every step of the way, from the beginning stages of planning to the final unpacking of the last item in your employee’s new home and office.
Take the hassle out of employee relocation and corporate moving by hiring Sacramento corporate relocation experts at Metropolitan Van & Storage. With over six decades of experience in the field, we are the trusted providers of reasonably priced and convenient moving solutions. For more information, give us call over the phone or fill out our online form now.