local bay area movers

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to moving. All residential relocations require the coordination of multiple services and special care. For streamlined success, go with a bay area full-service moving and storage company that offers all the following.

A Complete Relocation Process

Full-service moving and storage companies handle all aspects of your move. These companies eliminate the stress of moving by packing up all of your household items while taking extra precautions with delicate items. They transport the goods and unpack them at the new location.

Cover Great Distances

There’s no such thing as an easy relocation. Full-service movers can handle local moves with the same careful attention they give to long-distance relocations. A full-service company can get you there whether you’re going across the nation or into international waters. 

Serve Multiple Demographics

Moving companies that provide a full-service experience can assist a scope of relocation projects. From international military moves to student relocation and storage services, they have the qualification and experience to accommodate all types of moving situations.

Advanced Facilities

Full-service storage means having enough space with the right conditions available. State-of-the-art storage facilities throughout multiple locations is a tale-tale sign of a full-service mover. Look for features such as security monitoring and climate-controlled services.

Household Storage 

Household storage needs often arise during relocations, but just like packing, storage also requires options. Go with a company that accommodates and differentiates between short-term storage for a few weeks or months, long-term storage, and in-transit storage.

Portable Storage

Portable storage is a great option for people who want a DIY move or who are experiencing home renovations. Portable storage delivers a single unit you can pack and utilize at your convenience. When you’re done, your movers come to pick up the portable self-storage.

Working with Expert Full-Service Movers

Full-service moving and storage companies eliminate the stress of residential relocations. Metropolitan Van and Storage is an experienced full-service mover with more than eight decades of proven reliability. Get a free quote for a full-service package.