moving storage

Moving and storage often go hand-in-hand, given the complexity of relocations. Still, the need for storage is a solution for an assortment of everyday situations. Any of the following reasons could bring about a need for bay area residential storage facilities.

Staging or Real Estate

Staging a home means hiding personalized items or additional furniture that can make a house appear cluttered. Potential buyers want to see themselves in a new home, not another family. Residential storage needs arise while de-personalizing a home on the market.

Seasonal Décor

Turning your home into a winter wonderland or a Halloween-themed extravaganza requires significant seasonal decorations investments. To be the house of envy on the block, you need bulk, but keeping all those items can quickly fill up attic space. Renting a storage unit to keep seasonal décor can free up garage space or clear up the attic.


Upgrading your home with a remodel can take up a lot of space and also go on for months. Suppose you have an upcoming home renovation project. In that case, you can use a self-storage unit to temporarily hold items until after the remodeling job is over.


Downsizing has become a recent trend, whether as a permanent or temporary condition. Suppose you’re moving to a smaller living space but still need to keep your personal belongings safe. In that case, you can use a climate-controlled storage facility. That environment will ensure the safekeeping of household goods.

Returning Home

While away at college, your child has collected many personal living items. When summer comes around, and they need to clear their dorm, all those belongings could end up in your garage. Using a storage unit for summer break can keep your vehicle in the garage and the extra microwaves and hot plates out of your home.

Use a Reputable Company

Storage often becomes a stand-alone service need for all of life’s little details. Metropolitan is an experienced bay area household mover with more than eight decades of superior service. Our state-of-the-art climate-controlled and security-monitored facilities can handle any storage need, great or small. Get a free quote today.