sacramento household movers tips

How confident are you about your move? When you really get into the thick of things, you may realize you aren’t nearly as comfortable as you’d like to be. There are so many things to consider!

Hiring a team of professional Sacramento movers can help, but there are a few things you can do that will help ease your mind and make your move a lot less stressful.

Changing Your Address

One of the biggest pains associated with moving is changing your address, and I don’t mean just updating your friends and family about the location of your new home. There’s a surprisingly large number of people you need to notify about your new address:

  • Gas and electric companies
  • Cable and internet companies
  • Credit card companies
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Auto bill pay services
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Your workplace and/or schools
  • State and federal government agencies (like the IRS)

The best thing to do is to make a master list of all the places that will require an address update, then go down the list and contact each one. Fill out a change of address form with the post office, so if you forget one, paper mail will still be sent to your new location.

Packing Order

A Sacramento moving company can do more than just move your stuff—they can help you pack too! However, it’s important to know what to pack, and when, whether your movers will be helping you or not.

The first thing to pack is seasonal items, or unused items. A few examples include:

  • Holiday decorations
  • Seasonal outdoor furniture and equipment
  • Books and decorative knickknacks

Limited need items come next. Think special occasion clothing, children’s toys, and infrequently used kitchen equipment. Daily essentials should be packed as close to move-out day as possible. Label these boxes so you can find them easily. You don’t want to have to hunt down toilet paper or a clean pair of socks when you get to your new home!

Our Sacramento household moving crew excels at efficiently unloading the moving truck and delivering your household goods – but we need to know the rooms in which each box belongs.

Your Job vs. Your Mover's Job

Experienced Sacramento residential movers, like Metropolitan Van & Storage, are very flexible. We’re happy to help you pack and move as little or as much as you need! That just means you have a few decisions to make.

First, you must decide what you’re going to have your movers pack and load, and what you’re going to pack and keep on-hand. This goes back to the packing order. Don’t have your residential movers move a box of daily essentials. It’ll end up in the moving van where you can’t access it.

When it comes to nonessential items, what do you really need help moving? Are you on a time crunch and everything from boxes to large furniture must be moved? Or could you just use an extra hand with the kitchen appliances? Making these choices beforehand will help you plan the perfect move.

If you could use a little help with your moving plan, give us a call or fill out our online form. Our Sacramento household movers be happy to provide you with a free estimate!